Follow This Steps When You Can’t Pay Off Your Monthly Minimum Balance

checking credit card Monthly Minimum Balance

Sometime we overspend, because of financial emergency or needed to make a large purchase/payment. While it’s never wise to spend more than you can pay monthly, it does happen, sometimes within circumstances outside our control. Here are some ways to go about dealing with the non-payment.

It is Good to Talk to your Bank as Quickly as Possible

If you have been a good customer and have a history of paying on time, you can assure banks this will only happen that one time. If you can, pay any possible amount towards the balance as a gesture of good faith. This will/may compel them to be more flexible in extending you a hand.

The worst thing to do is let your credit card bill go unpaid. This can seriously affect your credit rating for down the line, and not to mention rack up those interest charges.

Monitor your Weekly and Monthly Spending

Unless this was genuinely a one-off emergency situation, it’s probably best to create a budget to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Tereh are several mobile application available to track. Spreadsheets are also a great way to track expenses and see what is due when. When you are more aware of your finances, you will want to cut spending to see more savings. Also, it lets you know to cut spending in order to be able to afford your monthly bills.

Aware about your Spending and Income Patterns

You may or may not have a weekly budget; but a monthly budget and schedule is a must. This lets you know what is due to whom at what point. Also, it lets you know how much you are bringing in and whether or not it will be possible to pay what is expected of you.

A credit card may offer you an appealing chance to buy items you desire before you earn the money, but it’s a risky practice and can get you into trouble.

By following these 3 easy steps, you’ll be able to make the best of a bad situation. Make sure not to let it happen again!